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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Occupational Therapy

Our Specialist Occupational Therapist plays a vital role in stroke rehabilitation by helping you regain independence and functionality in your daily life. Their focus is on improving your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and helping you adapt to any challenges you may face due to the stroke.


Our occupational therapist conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand your physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. They evaluate your ability to perform ADLs, which may include tasks like dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, and mobility.

Goal Setting

Collaborating with you and your caregivers, our occupational therapist establishes realistic, personalised goals for rehabilitation. These goals often focus on increasing independence and improving your quality of life.

Individualised Treatment Plans

Based on the assessment and goals, our occupational therapist creates a customised treatment plan that includes specific interventions and strategies to address your limitations.

ADL Training

Our therapist works with you to improve your performance in ADLs. This may involve teaching adaptive techniques, recommending assistive devices, or modifying the environment to make tasks more manageable.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

For those with cognitive impairments resulting from stroke, our occupational therapist provides cognitive rehabilitation, which may include memory exercises, problem-solving activities, and attention training.

Fine Motor Skills Training

You may often experience challenges with fine motor skills, such as buttoning clothes or using utensils. Our occupational therapist designs exercises and activities to improve these skills.

Visual Perception and Sensory Training

If you have visual or sensory deficits, our therapist may work on strategies to enhance visual perception and sensory processing.

Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Devices

Our occupational therapist assesses the need for adaptive equipment and recommends or provides devices such as reachers, adaptive utensils, or dressing aids to make daily tasks more accessible.

Home Safety and Modification

Our therapist may evaluate your home environment and suggest modifications or adaptations to enhance safety and independence.

Psychological Support

Stroke rehabilitation can be emotionally challenging. Our occupational therapist provides emotional support and motivation to help you cope with any emotional or psychological effects of the stroke.

Education and Training

Our therapist educates you and your caregivers about stroke, its effects, and how to manage daily tasks more effectively. They provide guidance on exercises and strategies to continue rehabilitation at home.

Community Reintegration

Our occupational therapist helps you reintegrate into your community by addressing social and community participation issues.


Our occupational therapist collaborates with our physiotherapist to provide comprehensive care.

Long-Term Support

Occupational therapy may continue over an extended period, and our therapist is there to provide ongoing support and adjustments to treatment plans as needed.

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